Oxballs SCREAMER-1 hole opener Black

Oxballs SCREAMER-1 hole opener Black
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Oxballs SCREAMER-2 hole opener Black

SCREAMER is a silicone buttplug designed to spread wide from the inside. It's made from our best-selling high quality Pure Platinum Silicone so it's super hefty and thick but still soft and squishy to the touch. The flanges of SCREAMER are designed to spring open once inserted for a seriously stuffed sensation. It's available in two sizes for moderate to advanced hole-players.

SCREAMER is a Pure Platinum Silicone butthole stretcher that's designed to snap" open once it's lodged up your guts.

The inner "mouth" of SCREAMER is lined with raised ribbing that force its jaws to stay open...even when it's nestled up a tight greasy pucker.

To insert (aka shove up his ass) simply fold SCREAMER shut and pop it up his furry butt...as soon as the bulb shape slides passed his asslips the head springs open and works him from the inside.

SCREAMER is a great tool for guys looking to train their hole to wear fat plugs long term...it slips in easily and keeps a constant internal stretch while you relax. Kick back with a beer and let SCREAMER do all the work.

SCREAMER is available in 2 sizes:

SCREAMER I folds down to the width of about a pool ball.

SCREAMER II collapses down to the width and thickness of a baseball?this one is for the more advanced asspig.