MEATLOCKER chastity hot pink ice

MEATLOCKER chastity hot pink ice
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MEATLOCKER chastity hot pink ice"

MEATLOCKER is Oxballs big hard-core chastity gear it wraps your dick and ballsack in super-stretchy rubbery PLUS+SILICONE™ it’s our first full-cover chastity device—and it’s easy to put on + comfortable for long-term wear. This thing stretches to fit and grips you like a glove. It’s got the feel of warm silicone the strength and stretch of TPR and the look of a double pierced dick.

Oxballs love chastity gear so we made this in 7 colors so you can show off your kink—it goes with your your fetish--our velvety dull-finish colors stand out and are lush rich and sexy—designed to show off. The HOT PINK is a murky translucent pink the WHITE is a milky jizzy white…EGGPLANT is the darkest purple—our colors are super saturated nothing wimpy here.

MEATLOCKER looks hard-core with “pierced” balls and the dickhead plus a big fleshy sack and smooth anonymous looking shaft…but because it is rubbery and stretchy under clothes it’s just gonna give you a bigger bulge—no one knows unless you want them to.

Drain holes under the balls for sweat and at the dickhead for…leaking dripping dicks (or a quick whiz).

Oxballs loves chastity play--for a few hours or a longer haul…we love dedicated butt-boys that cover their junk because it’s sexy it shows your focus…we love couples that demand chastity lock-down and pleasure denial + cum control.

Chastity play is hot so Oxballs makes cool toys for it.